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Getting Started

Welcome to.... VIVACIOUS mind & body

1. You will be soon receiving several emails to your preferred email address that include APP log-in details

2.  Join in our private VIVACIOUS biohackers facebook group

3. Download Zoom app and join our group sessions which are Tuesday & Thursday at 7am and 6.30pm UK time. Zoom meeting ID: 928-965-835 or  join on this link


4. Your Essentials -  try to get most of these if possible

Workout Trainers

Sweat Towel

Workout Clothes

Foam Roller

Water Bottle

Food Scales

Omega 3



Measuring Cups

FitBit (or similar fitness tracker)

Set Of Resistance Bands (for home and traveling)

5. Clear Distractions - Clear your cupboards from all the naughty foods and snack, less distractions less likely you will fail your diet

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